AR Drone hacking with Ubuntu 13.04

Okay, I want to start hacking a AR Drone.

The developer site at seems a little outdated. “SDK 2.0.1 Is unavailable at the moment.” – since more than 2 weeks.

However I found a link where I downloaded the SDK. I extracted the Archive, changed into the linux example folder and started the build – That does not succeed the first time, so here is what to do to make that work:

Install missing Packages:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev

Edit the file ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1/ARDroneLib/Soft/Build/custom.makefile, change “USE_LINUX=no” to “USE_LINUX=yes”

Compile the base sdk:

cd ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1/ARDroneLib/Soft/Build


Add “GENERIC_LIBS+= -lm” to ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1/Examples/Linux/Navigation/Build/Makefile in line 159 or above.

Then starting the compiling the Example again:

cd ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1/Examples/Linux




Everything works. 😉


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